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Office storage cabinet

Choosing an office storage cabinet

The office storage cabinet is one of the most useful pieces of office furniture to grace our workplace. When most people think about an office they immediately conjure up the image of an old grey filing cabinet. The traditional office storage cabinet inhabits almost every office we visit, although a very useful piece of equipment, it can sometimes portray the image of being outdated.

The office is a place that will always require some sort of storage facility. Which method of office storage you decide on depends on your business needs and budget. When we first meet clients looking to refurbish or relocate their office, we always recommend a detailed storage audit. An office storage cabinet may be the most appropriate form of storage for your needs but our aim is not only to identify ways you can get the most out of your existing storage, but also ways to get the most out of your existing space.

By upgrading your old style filing cabinet and replacing it with for example: a store wall and/or tambour units, you not only get something that looks good, but something that can maximise every bit of space. Store walls offer the ultimate in office storage, units are generally fitted from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. They can be built against existing walls or used as room dividers, creating offices/meeting rooms without the costly expense of building internal walls. Tambour units not only provide valuable storage space, they can also contribute to space saving as the doors roll into the unit rather than opening out. They are available in a range of heights and widths for optimum storage.

Whatever your requirements, even if you decide to stick with the ‘old faithful’ we can design the best possible solution to suit you and your budget.

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