Office storage cabinets, Bolton, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Leeds, UK

Office storage cabinets

Office storage cabinets

Storage is often the biggest user of space in an office today and one of the first things we assess when office space planning for clients. The contents of office storage cabinets can build up over time and often people don’t even know what is in them! By carrying out a detailed storage audit with our clients we can quantify how much of the existing storage capacity is used on a day to day basis, how much could be archived in office storage cabinets either on or off site, and how much can be “recycled” usually with surprising results!

Depending on the outcome of the audit we can then offer a variety of storage solutions to the client. Gone are the days of the four drawer filing cabinets which take up valuable space that could be put to better use. We try to maximize the height of the room with storage units and can advise on better space saving filing systems to go in them.

Providing the building structure can cope, we can also supply high density filing systems consolidating all your files into one area. By tackling the storage requirements at the outset we can maximize the office space for the employees, this could mean achieving a higher headcount in the existing space or even creating enough excess space to introduce a break out area where the staff can go and relax during their break times. This assessment also organizes the storage to correct locations within the space saving time for employees and increasing efficiency within the office.

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