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Office storage solution

There is never a better time to address your storage needs than when undergoing an office refurbishment or relocation! Most companies want their office space to be organised and efficient, but contents of filing cabinets can build up over time and spill over into the workspace, with archive boxes taking up valuable room! We think choosing the right office storage solution is essential to help you and your staff work efficiently.

At the start of any project to understand what you are storing and how, in order to create the perfect office storage solution, we carry out a detailed storage audit. We understand that not all businesses will have the same requirements: needs change based on the activities of the company, advances in technology and the space available. Some organisations require a large amount of storage space for printed documentation while others may simply require an office storage solution for stationary and personal items. By tackling your storage requirements at the outset we can maximise the office space for other uses.

Advances in furniture design have replaced the four drawer filing cabinet with alternatives, such as; tambour units, mobile shelving units and storage walls which can take up less space and offer larger storage capacity.

Whatever your requirements, we have access to the latest office storage solutions and are confident that our workplace designs and products will deliver an efficient, organized working environment.

Whether it’s part of a full office refurbishment, relocation or a standalone storage review we can help. With so many different styles of office storage solutions available, there’s bound to be something that suits your needs. With an intelligent office storage solution you will not only have a workspace that looks good, you can gain valuable space and achieve a clutter free working environment.

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