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Office storage system

Whatever the nature of your business, the office storage system should always be considered an important part of your office environment. Often this aspect of an organisation is overlooked, frequently considered a low priority – attention is directed instead to other areas such as the running of the business itself.

An ideal time to evaluate present office storage solutions is during an office refurbishment or relocation. A well thought out office storage system can make a huge difference to how a company operates. A tidy, well-organised environment will not only give a good impression to clients and other visitors to your premises, it can also help motivate employees.

Choosing the right office storage system is essential to creating an efficient, productive workspace.

When we first meet clients looking to refurbish or relocate their office we always take time to get to know their business, the way they operate and their plans for the future. By evaluating and understanding the way your business works we can provide the latest and most appropriate office storage system.

We strongly recommend a detailed storage audit is taken, this will identify exactly what is being stored and how. Developments in technology have changed the way businesses operate, with less need for storing bulky paperwork and more information available on line, the cumbersome office filing cabinet has become redundant.

We start by assessing the space available; by advising on a better, smarter office storage system you could free up valuable space. The findings of the storage audit could identify that you need a combination of storage types; filing cabinets, tambour units or the ultimate in space saving, a storewall. With a wide range of colours and finishes available, your storage system can be designed to compliment your office décor.

Some organisations still require a large amount of storage space for printed documentation while others may simply require an area for stationary and personal belongings. Items or items related to the nature of the organisation, whatever your requirements this can be incorporated into the design and space planning process. By tackling your storage requirements at the outset we can maximise the office space for other uses.

With a clever office storage system you will not only have a workplace that looks good, you can gain valuable space and at the same time achieve a clutter free, organised office with highly motivated staff.

Contact us today and together we can create a storage system to provide a solution for now and in the future.

We have a useful guide available – 10 top storage ideas for the office environment  – you can download it here

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