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Office storage systems

Office storage systems are an integral party of any office. The range and size of the office storage systems depend however on the nature of the work being done. With more and more organisations turning to electronic methods of documentation, gone are the rows of filing cabinets taking up valuable space. In recent years there have been a plethora of innovative office storage systems that have become available; tambour units, static or roll out filing, , box or filing drawers, static or roll out shelves, wardrobes or the ultimate in space saving – a storewall. With a wide range of colours and finishes available, your storage system can be designed to compliment your office décor.

During an office refurbishment or business relocation is an ideal time to review the office storage system. Storage should always be considered an important element of your workplace.

How a company operates can be hugely influenced by the office storage system. In order for employees to work efficiently and productively the most appropriate storage solution needs to be chosen. A tidy, well-organised office will also give the right impression to clients and other visitors to your premises.

As part of our office space planning process we will carry out a detailed storage audit. This will identify exactly what is being stored and how. Is there a large amount of redundant paperwork being kept? Has the amount of storage required changed? Has the employee count risen reducing the space available for storage?

We will start by assessing the space available and then advise on a better, smarter office storage system that could ultimately free up valuable office space. By evaluating and understanding the way your business works we can provide the latest in office storage systems. A storage audit will lead to the result that a variety of storage types are required.

A clever office storage solution will not only provide an organised, clutter free workplace that looks good but help to motivate staff and increase productivity.

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