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Posted On: 27/06/2017 | In the Category: News, office ceilings

We probably all have a vision of our perfect office – for some it would be clean, clinical and efficient, for others cosy and welcoming, all dependent on the type of people we are and the type of company we work for.

As office refurbishment specialists we have to take on board the brief from a client and try and deliver a spectacular solution for their needs.

However we also have to be mindful of the building we are working with and look how best to adapt this to the desired end result.

One of the things that is often overlooked is the treatment of ceilings in the design process. Everyone wants to talk about office space and planning, the distribution of offices and open plan, what the furniture will look like, what floorcoverings will be used – but few people consider looking up.

And yet how ceilings are treated will have a fundamental effect on how the office is perceived. Every building is different with a variety of ceiling heights and treatments and looking at how best to treat these is vitally important.


Introducing suspended ceilings can tidy up messy or high ceilings, make the space more intimate providing a clean and efficient look. Critics however say that it makes all offices look alike and removes a lot of personality. 

High ceilings can provide a much greater feeling of space and air and where the building has character it can be used to demonstrate a completely different look and feel, using the original ceilings as a feature rather than something to be concealed.

Rabbit warren or blank canvas?

Struggling to find a quiet space in your open office?


Even utilitarian ceilings complete with air conditioning ducting and vents have been left exposed to create a real atelier look and feel beloved of more design orientated businesses.

Stripping back to basics is not only quite on trend these days but can give a much greater sense of freedom in lower height environments.

Acoustics too are also often affected by ceilings and require sensitive design to ensure that this does not become a problem either with noise echoing around an area or indeed causing so much ‘hubbub’ as to make working in an environment difficult.

So, as you plan your office design, we’d encourage you to look up for once, establish what your ceiling currently offers and perhaps, where concealed ceilings are in place, take a look behind the tiles to see if any hidden gems might exist. If you’d like to discuss how a different ceiling treatment might change your environment for the better, why not contact us – we’d be delighted to discuss the options.

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