The paperless office – reality or still a pipe dream?

Posted On: 03/08/2017 | In the Category: office refurbishment, Office storage solutions

At a time when everyone talks eagerly about moving to the paperless office, it seems it’s really not that simple…

Despite the concept, the reality is that for many companies, the computer has if anything created more paper quicker than at any time in history and if we don’t address this issue now over time your offices will become less and less efficient and less and less attractive to the staff.

Obviously some customers are tackling this digitally and trying to scan paper and move it to cloud based solutions, but this isn’t the answer for everyone especially where there may be a real need for paper files whether you are in a legal environment, design environment or are simply just hoarders and like to keep things ‘just in case’.

As a result we find that the issue of office storage varies enormously from one environment to another.

Is your office shouting no?

For every client who needs very little there are others for whom the ability to access files for every day work and indeed for archive facilities remains as strong as ever and needs to be factored in to space planning. The relationship between people and storage can produce radically different design techniques to ensure that whilst files are readily available when required, they do not generate unsightly clutter in the modern office environment.

At Whitespace, we analyse all aspects of the client working environment and working practices closely in conjunction with the staff to arrive at suitable levels of storage, so we can specify the correct office furniture to house your information safely, whether this be shelves, cupboards, filing cabinets and/or archive systems.By rethinking your storage you can also make a significant difference to your workspace, for example, did you know that by introducing a stylish storewall it can help increase storage capacity by as much as 50%?

We are a great believer that one of the simplest ways to be organised is to address the problem at the source and not just treat the symptoms when things get out of hand! Efficient storage means quicker access to relevant information, saving time and stress.

Contact us today and let us share our knowledge regarding the latest in office storage solutions.


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