Perhaps soon we’ll all be drinking sea water

Posted On: 11/04/2017 | In the Category: modern office design, Modern offices, News, Office interior design


In the week in which it was revealed that the wonder material Graphene, invented in Greater Manchester, could possibly hold the key to filtering sea water and making it drinkable, it is a constant marvel that technology continues to drive us forward.

Indeed since the Industrial Revolution, this nation has consistently innovated to make machines work faster and more efficiently, develop new processes and save costs through new ways of operating. Companies spend considerable sums of money on research and development to give themselves the edge over the competition, always aiming to get that little extra competitive advantage every time.

Of course it is people primarily that deliver these new frontiers, who think of the ideas and find ways of carrying them through successfully. And yet, for all the time, resource and money spent on innovation, remarkably little has been spent on providing the best possible work places for these innovators to thrive.

Whilst we may have somewhat romantic notions of wide eyed and slightly dishevelled boffins working in crammed and cramped offices the reality is far removed from this.

Whether academics, scientists, economists or marketers, the pioneers in these organisations need modern office environments in which to flourish and think. They need to be able to interact and meet with like-minded individuals and have the space to share information and present it to others.

Many of the most creative companies actively encourage working cheek to jowl with people of different disciplines to ensure the cross pollination of ideas and to allow the ‘magic’ to happen.

Office design must always reflect the personality of the company and its ethos if it is to be successful. We need to ensure that the people who work there feel inspired and valued and have the feel-good factor to give of their best at all times. People who feel comfortable and look forward to going to work will always outperform those that don’t. 

At Whitespace, we’re eager to talk to companies that really want to make a difference and know that it is the people in any business that will be the driving force for success.

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What does the future hold?

Great staff deserve a great place to work!


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