Reception refurbishment

Reception refurbishment

Most of us are aware that first impression count in business and that it is often made within ten seconds of either meeting someone or walking through the reception door. That’s why it’s important that your reception area reflects how you want visitors to perceive your business. However, the task of reception refurbishment might seem overwhelming, but with our guidance and expertise it can be easier than you think…

At Whitespace we believe the design of your reception should take into account several factors; it should:

  • Reflect your corporate image
  • Express your company values
  • Create a good impression
  • Offer a practical and efficient use of space
  • Be inviting and welcoming
  • Make an instant and positive impact on all visitors and staff who pass through

Our reception refurbishment service starts with an in-depth consultation that takes into account all of your company objectives and office space needs. Does your receptionist need to carry out administrative duties for instance or is the role purely a meet and greet role? Does there need to be a comfortable seating area where clients can wait?

We have many years’ experience in all areas of commercial office refurbishment and design and have worked with a variety of clients from education establishments to local government. We have built our reputation on the great service we offer. We take the time to understand your business, ensuring we keep to your time-frame, budget and achieve the goals set for re-designing the space. Take a look at some of our recently completed reception refurbishment projects via Pinterest or Facebook.

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