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Have you reviewed your competitors’ offices?

Posted On: 11/07/2017 | In the Category: Design, interior office design

Office interior design Manchester

This might seem like an odd question but we know how prepossessed companies can be with the activity of their competitors’ activities.

Now whilst this might be restricted to their pricing policies, their product launches, their distribution or their advertising campaigns, perhaps they should also consider how their offices stack up.

Why is that an issue?

It stands to reason that the same customer base that might visit you is also potentially visiting your sworn enemies. They will get an impression of that company good or bad from that visit. Does it look impressive, does it look organised, are the meeting rooms professional and impressive, are the loos of a good enough standard?

Great staff deserve a great place to work!

Does your office look the same as the day you moved in?

All of these things are part of the sales process – you may think that it’s all about the product or service that you offer but often the ‘soft’ issues such as the people and the environment in which they work are just as important in gaining the business.

Do your competitors seem to be getting a better calibre of staff – are you missing out on the better people in your industry – is this down to the reputation of the opposition, or their salary scales – or maybe because the workspace they offer is more attractive?

So take a look, ask around – are your offices up to the competitive arena you operate in? If not why not talk to us about how to get yourselves back into pole position.

Contact us today before the competition does…

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