school dining areas, manchester

School dinners have never looked so good…

Posted On: 30/09/2016 | In the Category: school dining areas, School furniture, School interiors, School refurbishment

school dining areas, manchester

Thanks to the likes of Jamie Oliver and other food campaigners school dinners have improved dramatically over the years. However, studies reveal that making food healthier is not the only thing enticing children to sign up for school meals…

Dining is so much more than just the food you serve, research suggests that children are more likely to eat a healthy meal at school if they have somewhere nice to sit and eat. Therefore, providing a relaxing and comfortable school dining area is essential. Not only does it demonstrate a commitment to student’s well-being, it can also encourage social interaction. The school dining area can also make an important contribution to your Ofstead inspection!

So, what makes a good dining space? Good interior design, effective space planning and quality furniture of course… At Whitespace we have worked closely with a number of schools and colleges across the North West to design and install suitable dining facilities. From primary to sixth form colleges, we have successfully delivered many exciting areas…

None more so than the work we have recently completed at Hopwood Hall College in Middleton and the prestigious Bolton School…

Both schemes were developed through a series of workshops involving both students and staff, in which they outlined their ‘wish list’ of what was to be included in the areas.

Headcount drove the design of each project; therefore extensive space planning was key to their success. Consideration was also given to the size and shape of the rooms and seating preferences. The goal was to deliver dining facilities in which to relax, inspire and above all encourage students to use them.

9616_lo-resBespoke curved tables, which mirror the feature bulkhead ceiling and lighting system above, not only helped with capacity at Bolton School, but they also made the area more comfortable and encourage interaction amongst pupils.

The students at Hopwood Hall College wanted a ‘coffee shop’ feel to their space; we achieved this by introducing café style tables and chairs and booth seating. The loose furniture supplied can be easily reconfigured to suit the needs of the students and college, making the space extremely flexible.

Ensuring that your dining facility is a clean and positive place to eat will help to improve the behaviour1339_lo-res amongst your students.

There are numerous factors that contribute to a positive dining experience, if you’re looking to improve yours, we are on hand to offer expert advice to help you design an environment that impacts positively on the students and the school. Contact us now to discuss your project in more detail or to book an initial no-obligation consultation.

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