School libraries Blackburn, Blackpool and Preston

School libraries Blackburn, Blackpool and Preston

No longer dictated purely by the books, school libraries are increasingly becoming multi-functional learning centres.

When designing school libraries we believe it is essential to create fun and stimulating environments. Research suggests that students are more likely to choose books from shelves and sit and read them, if the space and furnishings are designed effectively.

A successful library requires the right layout, furniture, flooring, lighting and décor, these all contribute to creating a space that students will want to spend time in.

We begin each project with a detailed consultation. Our design and installation process will unlock the true potential of your space, whatever your objectives and budget. We listen carefully to your needs and establish how you plan to use the space. Every school is different some look to us for our knowledge and expertise while others have a clear vision and know exactly what they want.

We offer a full turnkey service and have the knowledge and experience to cover every stage of the refurbishment process, from the interior design and space planning, to the supply and installation of bespoke shelving and furniture. We use a mix of comfort and functionality to create school libraries which meet the needs of both the teachers and the students.

Whether your school library will be used for whole class visits, as a temporary classroom, story time for younger pupils, one-to-one reading, group study or independent learning, you can be assured you will gain a functional and inspirational environment.

For school libraries to be effective they need to embrace the way students prefer to learn, not how you want them to learn. We will work with you to improve the student experience.

Contact us today and talk to one of our team of dedicated, experienced, talented people.

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