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Does size ‘really’ matter?

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Business office furniture

Robert Orben, the US satirist, once said that happiness was a very small desk and a very big wastepaper basket, but to what extent is that really true?

In our experience, it all boils down not just to the individual but also the type of work that they do. Which is why we always spend time observing the workplace and talking to the staff before we impose hard and fast rules on the office re-design.

There is sometimes pressure to look at small desks as a means of delivering larger head counts to a particular area but this in some cases can be counterproductive. If the office is inhabited by high tech workers using a laptop only, not generating a lot of paper or filing and living in a virtual world, then perhaps this might be an option.

However the reality is that most people need room to work with paper as well as a computer and need space to allow the two to co-exist. This is especially true of work environments where paper is still an important element of the job, such as the legal profession.

Indeed in some cases, for example design, engineering and architecture, larger format documents and plans require much greater display space, often requiring not only bigger desks but in some cases additional work surfaces to be incorporated into the design.

That’s why we always look closely at working practices and discuss the current problems of both surface space and storage before recommending a new scheme.

Our designers work directly with manufacturers so whether it’s something “off the shelf” or something more bespoke to your business we can supply and install the right style for you.

Screens can also be used on office desks to define a person’s workspace or they can be floor standing to separate areas and create meeting hubs.

We all spend considerable time at our desks each and every week and it is vital we specify the optimum solution for everyone.

So why not talk to us now if you are planning a new office project. We’d be delighted to talk it through whatever the size.

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