office breakout areas

Small changes can make a big difference…

Posted On: 16/12/2013 | In the Category: interior office design

office breakout areas

It isn’t always necessary to refurbish the whole of your workplace to improve it! Small changes here and there can have a considerable impact on the way your office space looks and feels.

As well as providing complete office refurbishments and relocation, we are more than happy to apply our interior office design skills to specific area/areas, for example; boardrooms, washrooms, kitchens, reception area and/or breakout spaces.

When designing any part of an office space, we pay particular attention to both the aesthetics and practical aspects, resulting in a space which encourages a productive working environment, whilst also being comfortable and visually pleasing.  We believe that by creatively combining layout, furniture and decor, you can achieve a look that will impress visitors and staff and increase productivity.

We are confident that we can help you transform your office space into a stylish workplace, one which motivates and accurately reflects your company image.

So, if you’re looking to update your workplace but not sure where to start, contact Whitespace, you’ll be surprised at what we can offer…

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