Education refurbishment, school refurbishment manchester

The students have done their hard work, now it’s over to you…

Posted On: 25/08/2016 | In the Category: School design, School furniture, School refurbishment

Education refurbishment, school refurbishment manchester

After a nail-biting summer for some, GCSE result day is finally here. Today is the day 16 year olds in England hopefully get to reap the rewards from all their hard work. But, once the results are in and celebrations over, what’s next? Since 2014, everyone has to continue in education or training until they are 18. So, do they stay on at school sixth form, go to college, apply for an apprenticeship or get a job with part-time education or training?

Research suggests that the majority of young adults stay on in full-time education either to study A-levels or a vocational qualification such as an NVQ. Although with so many establishments to choose from how do they decide where to go?

As a school or college it’s up to you to attract students to join you. Whist the courses on offer and past successes will draw certain students; others are a little more demanding in what they expect from their learning environment.

As well as the latest technology and comfortable furniture, studies show that students also want good catering facilities, areas for quiet study and space for group discussions and collaboration outside of the classroom. This has led to the introduction of social spaces, informal meeting areas and quiet pods in the overall design of further education buildings. Not only does this type of layout reflect modern thinking, but it also helps schools and colleges differentiate themselves in what is becoming a highly competitive market.

At Whitespace, when we embark on any education refurbishment, we consider the entire space; from classrooms and dining halls to washrooms and reception areas.


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Take a look at some of our recent work in education; we hope it will give you an insight into what can be achieved. With the right knowledge and guidance from the experts, refurbishing your space couldn’t be easier. We’ve gained considerable experience in the refurbishment of further education establishments throughout the North West.

As pupils’ expect a better learning environment for their next big step isn’t it time you achieved top marks too? Contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

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