Office fit out North Wales, Queensferry, Colwyn, Wrexham, Flint.

Suffering from brand schizophrenia?

Posted On: 30/06/2015 | In the Category: Design, interior office design, Office design

Office fit out North Wales, Queensferry, Colwyn, Wrexham, Flint.

Most successful companies work hard to maintain a strong brand vision, to enhance their position with customers and prospects alike, mirroring the values they hold dear as a business.

Marketing departments work hard to ensure these visual cues are reinforced across all communications and standardised for consistency of message and visual impact.

As a result customers get a clear understanding of what they are buying into and staff can have pride in their company and find it easier to sell it to prospects.

Does this vital brand activity also extend to the buildings in which companies conduct their business and in many cases invite customers to visit?

The blunt answer is ‘sometimes, but not always and not everywhere’. There are still many companies that shelter behind the brand created on paper, but fail to do the basics and translate this to bricks and mortar.

Whilst many will at least create some rudimentary branding through signage and corporate colours, in many cases this only extends to the front entrance and reception.

Behind this exterior ‘gloss’ lies a less impressive environment. What they forget is that customers, prospects and suppliers will often have to be taken beyond the slick reception areas at which point the illusion can be shattered with a ‘second division’ interior in which the staff have to operate.

What too does it say to their staff? Customers are important and need to be impressed but you guys don’t? You’ll have to exist as second class citizens. Most people recognise that it is your staff that are the real engine room, the personality behind a successful company and should be working in the best possible environment that suitably reflects the brand.

We also see situations where head office has been designed and built to high standards of branding and fit out whereas satellite offices neither reflect the brand or are deemed sufficiently important to warrant the relevant ‘makeover’ – again this reflects poorly, as staff in these areas will be seen as less valued than others.

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining brand design and standards does not necessarily need to cost the earth, with considered planning and careful use of colours, signage and standardising of furniture, you’d be surprised what can be achieved.

For most customer facing companies, branding can’t simply be a case of smoke and mirrors – why not talk to us about how we can help you make the most of your corporate identity.

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