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Summer heatwave. Who saw that coming?

Posted On: 20/06/2017 | In the Category: Heating and ventilation, interior office design, News, Office interior design

Office air conditioning manchester

Considering as a country we spend so much time talking about the weather and complaining about its changeability, it is always a source of amusement to us how we both fail to prepare for the onset of summer and a heatwave in particular and seem completely surprised that we should get one.

Apparently electric fan sales go through the roof once the heat arrives – by the time they’re installed often the sunshine has subsided.

There is no doubt that in a work environment the effect on productivity can be pretty alarming. Trying to work in hot offices, with inadequate ventilation can be extremely challenging and it is inevitable that things slow down and often tempers get a little frayed.

So what can we do?

The first thing is to acknowledge that despite the doom-mongers we are likely to have periods of hot weather during the summer – we can’t reliably say when or for how long but they will arrive with little warning.

So it is important to assess the building in advance and decide how the staff can be given the best possible working environment despite the climate. Some will benefit from air conditioning or ventilation within the structure of the building but many may not. Where this is not practical or affordable, invest in fans in advance of the next heatwave and make sure they are available.

Given the layout and constraints of the room can these be large air circulators for the room or do they need to be individual desk fans or both.

Which Game of Thrones kingdom is your office?

Are you one of those employers?

In what direction does the sun move in relation to the particular offices? How can this best be ‘defended’ – can certain windows have better quality blinds to reduce the amount of heat penetrating the building – some blinds can have reflective fabrics to further deflect the heat.

Where there is a significant amount of window space, we would always consider this when planning an office refurbishment and try and plan the optimum layout accordingly.

Is it appropriate and achievable to open windows to improve air flow? Can doors be left open to gain more airflow without adversely affecting fire regulations? These are questions to ponder in advance and have a plan of action in place for when the weather does eventually turn in our favour.

Do some areas of the building get more shade and could be made available as ‘cooling off’ areas during extremes of heat – perhaps as breakout areas as an alternative to the hotter desks in the direct eye of the sun.

Do employees have adequate fridge space to keep drinks and food? Should you provide cold drinks as part of an employee welfare programme during exceptionally high temperatures?

Considering these issues prior to a period of hot weather will always pay dividends as you will be seen to have prepared in advance and not look as if you have been caught out by the weather.

Hopefully staff will be cool with that!

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