student social space, Manchester

Taking a break can help combat exam stress!

Posted On: 09/05/2016 | In the Category: School design, School refurbishment, Student social space

student social space, Manchester

Students don’t have much choice over whether they take exams or not, but there are definitely things schools and colleges can do to help deal with the stresses that often accompany them…

Studies reveal that just as important as it is to study hard and to do well in exams, it’s also essential that students take breaks and relax.

Do you have somewhere students can relax and let off a bit of steam in between exams, alternatively a quiet place they can go for informal study?

If the answer is no, maybe now is the right time to introduce one…

Having worked with a number of education establishments, architects and main contractors managingstudent social space, manchester all aspects of the learning environment, including student social spaces, it’s fair to say we have an in-depth knowledge of our subject. A quiet place to study, to chill out and/or to host relaxed group discussion are all part of the student experience. It is reported that these spaces, when integrated into the education landscape, not only encourage students to unwind but are also said to have a positive effect on their learning.

mgl5109_ossHowever, there’s no point designing a space which no one wants to use! For this reason when we embark on a project we ask students for their opinions at the design stage. We have found that having areas that combine a variety of activities; TVs and games consoles, pool tables, Wi-Fi, charging pods and comfortable soft seating, for example, will attract a range of pupils. If the space is big enough you can even create different zones, giving them a choice of where they want to hangout.

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With our help you can create a relaxing space within your school or college to help students deal with the pressures of exams. But don’t just take our word for it; take a look at some of our more recent case studies here.

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