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The issue isn’t always not enough space…

Posted On: 10/09/2015 | In the Category: Office interior design, Office storage solutions, Storage

It’s often too much stuff!

The commute to work, actually liking what you do for a living, even that first cup of coffee in the morning can all affect your daily mood and in turn your productivity.  But have you considered that the physical workspace can have just as much of an impact on how you feel as how you work?

The office space we occupy often reflects who we are, how we behave and how others view us; after all, it’s where the majority of us spend most of our working days, so it makes sense to keep it organised, neat and tidy.

So, take a good look around, is your desktop adorned with family photos and your Newton’s cradle inviting you to give it a nudge? If the answer is yes to either of the above, the chances are they’re probably distracting you!

Do you spend hours searching through piles of paperwork for the elusive invoice? It’s said that disorganised people spend on average 30 minutes a day looking for stuff.  Trying to function properly if you’re forever trying to find things is almost impossible.

Are there coats and bags hanging from chairs or strewn under desks.  Not only is this unsightly it can also be a trip hazard!

Whether your desk is too distracting, workspace full of paperwork or a health and safety nightmare now is the time to make some changes…

Get rid of any unnecessary objects from your desktop, this includes the picture of the family pet! Ideally the only things you should have on your desk are the items you use on a day to day basis; telephone, computer, pen and notepad.

Educate staff so that they get into the habit of filing paperwork as soon they’ve done with it; undertake a storage audit to establish exactly what you are storing and how and invest in new storage solutions, for instance, tambour units or the ultimate in space saving; a storewall.

Introduce coat stands and lockers away from the main working environment, a place where staff store personal items, ensuring the workspace is kept tidy and more importantly safe.

An organised space might even boost productivity and that can only be a good thing…  Call us on 03300 415 119 to see how we can help.

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