Time to take control of those office irritations…

Posted On: 06/07/2017 | In the Category: Office interior design, office refurbishment

Research has revealed that UK office workers are losing almost six hours a week due to office irritations.

Whilst some of this lost time is attributed to technology failures; computers crashing and the like; irritating work colleagues and the work environment itself are also said to be responsible…

  • Co-workers eating smelly food at their desk
  • Making personal phone calls that all the office can hear
  • Office too hot or too cold
  • Colleagues holding impromptu meetings at the end of your desk
  • Uncomfortable furniture
  • Cluttered workspace

These might seem insignificant in isolation, but combined they can try the patience of a saint!  With increased competition and rising costs, businesses should look to address such issues sooner rather than later to avoid a loss in productivity and/or losing staff members.

Are you in love with your office?

We believe that creating a good working environment is important to avoid annoying situations and conflict with workmates. By allowing people space to work, making sure they have enough room to move around, providing them with appropriate office furniture, breakout areas, adequate kitchen and washroom facilities, a comfortable working temperature and reliable technology and you probably won’t go far wrong.

Getting the right balance is key and this is where we believe we can make the difference. Our experience in working in a wide variety of working environments to achieve the best possible result has been a major feature of our design work and gained praise from the clients with whom we work, take a look at some of the results here…

If any of the above irritations have affected you, you’re not alone, believe it or not every office has them, but with our help you can take control… Contact us now for more information.

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