Whitespace Consultants

Washrooms for schools

Over the years we have gained a vast amount of experience in the education sector, focusing our efforts on the design and refurbishment of not only classrooms and staff areas, but also washrooms for schools and colleges.

When a school looks at refurbishing their premises, we have found that the toilets are not always high on the list, but, studies have shown that the condition of this area is of primary concern to the students! Recent research suggests that if they were in a poor condition and in need of refurbishment, students would only use the school washroom if they ‘really had to’.

Washrooms are generally exposed to more wear and tear than almost any other area in the school environment; therefore it’s essential to keep this area in good repair and to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety.

At Whitespace we will work with you to design, plan and implement the best washroom facilities for your school, taking into consideration the safety, durability and ease of cleaning of all materials and products used. Whether you require a complete refurbishment or simply want to update your existing facilities we will ensure your washrooms meet the exact requirements for your school, students and budget, as well as complying with all Building and Health & Safety regulations.

We pride ourselves on delivering first class interiors across the UK. From state-of-the-art ICT suites to washrooms for schools, we are confident that we can provide exceptional environments where students actually want to learn…

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