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We don’t just make places look good and function well!

Posted On: 20/02/2012 | In the Category: commercial office design, Office interior design, office refurbishment, Project management

There is more to think about during an office refurbishment project than just how the end result will look and function. Here at Whitespace we offer the entire package; we take care of everything you need to take into consideration to achieve the end results you strive for.

Most businesses focus on the interior office design and/or the functionality of the office space, how their staff are going to work and produce work efficiently etc, with all projects we work on we always have an eye on the bits you can’t see! Your environment can still be innovative and exciting whilst complying with Local Authority Regulations.

Legislation is ever changing in the commercial arena and we incorporate all elements in our plans. We make sure that all requirements are met for the Fire Officer and evacuation of the space in the event of a fire. We make sure primary and secondary circulation routes exist – and comply.

As stipulated by Health & Safety legislation individuals should have a specified amount of workspace. We will always adhere to this and provide you with information on comparative offices and the levels they have achieved so that you can compare yourselves positively. DDA compliance is also an increasingly important matter with regard to the office environment. Many businesses have to make changes to accommodate the new regulations.

Our experience and good office interior design enables us to guide you through building control, planning and fire authority approval. This in house service is essential in providing you, the client, with the ability to meet all current legislation, without having to involve a long list of advisers. This ensures that, you, as a business owner, have done what is necessary for you and your employees while creating your new office space.

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