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Who put that door there?

Posted On: 08/06/2015 | In the Category: Glass manifestation, Glass office partitioning, Glass office partitions, glazed office partitions, News

Full height glass in doors and windows is amongst the more common features involved in accidents within commercial buildings. This doesn’t come as a surprise to us as glass office partitioning now plays a major role in today’s modern office environment.

Most accidents are not serious and just result in a bruised ego (or maybe nose), although, some can be serious and require hospital treatment. However, the majority of these accidents can be avoided by applying a simple window film.

Health & Safety and Building Regulations dictate that you must ensure glass is marked in some way to make it visible to the occupants using the space.  Applying manifestation is one of the easiest ways to ensure you conform…

Whilst legislation states where and when manifestation should appear, there are no requirements as toPicture 017 how it should appear. This allows for flexibility when deciding on your design. Not only does manifestation provide you with a quick and cost effective way to comply with legal requirements, it is also a very popular, flexible and useful tool for promoting the company logo within your workplace.  Although, you don’t have to display your company logo or ethos!  If there is an opportunity to include manifestation into your office space, why not do something creative? For example; adding decorative designs can be a great way of extending your interior décor.  Research IMG_7785_OSShas shown that when colours and/or graphics are introduced to a space they go a long way to creating a better, more productive workplace.  As long as the graphics chosen provide a contrast between it’s appearance and that of the glass, it is serving it’s purpose by making the glass visible.

At Whitespace we have successfully completed a wide variety of office fitout projects which have included glazed partitions (take a look at our case studies here).

So, don’t get caught out by neglecting this important requirement. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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