Why bother to be different?

Posted On: 25/04/2017 | In the Category: News, Office furniture, Office furniture supplier

Buy a load of cheap brown desks and some cheap brown chairs, chuck them in an office space in serried rows and away you go. After all it’s only somewhere to sit………………

There have undoubtedly been a lot of business owners in the past – and today – who take this somewhat basic if unenlightened view of their office requirements.

Of course there are many reasons why this simply does not make sense.

On a practical level, providing bleak and uncomfortable work tools, such as these, is storing up early problems. Poor seats can lead to health problems and posture issues, which in turn will affect morale and absenteeism.

On a psychological level we know that staff do not react well to being treated as battery hens, in the same way as providing a minimum wage and zero hours contracts rarely offers an appropriate level of motivation. Enthusiastic and comfortable staff simply work better and ignoring their basic needs is a false economy.

However it is much more than this. How your office looks speaks volumes about the ethos of the company and this will have an effect on every visitor that comes to your premises.

Potential customers are unlikely to be impressed by such a mundane outward appearance. They are looking for reasons to use your products or services, reasons why you might be better or different from your competitors. You are unlikely to get any favourable feedback here and indeed your prospect may feel that the way you currently treat your staff is symptomatic of how you might treat a customer – supplier relationship too.  If they have been attracted perhaps by an exciting brand with interesting advertising and promotion – they are likely to feel this has been an exercise in ‘smoke and mirrors’ when they see the company in action.

If existing staff feel unloved and short changed, they are unlikely to recommend you to their friends if employment opportunities arise – and they will! Having an impressive place to come to work is one of the major attractions to prospective employees and can never be underestimated.  

Now we’re not saying that you have to turn your offices into some magical kingdom, or spend vast sums of money on a complete re-vamp – we just believe strongly that if you invest sensibly in an environment that best reflects your company, puts your staff’s welfare and comfort at the heart of the scheme and gives you a point of difference for visitors you will see the benefit.

Happy workers will be more productive, stay longer and generate a positive attitude towards the company. Clients and prospects will be happier to use and recommend you!

So whatever your budget aim to be different. Because you are. 

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Change isn’t always easy…

When in Rome……don’t!


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