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Why move on when you can move up?

Posted On: 07/01/2016 | In the Category: mezzanine floor, Office interior design

The majority of start-ups begin ‘life’ in a small office and it’s a great feeling when your business really starts to take off. Although, managing a rapidly expanding business can be challenging; amongst other things you may soon realise that you need more space for the additional staff, furniture and equipment. So, the obvious answer is to look for bigger premises, right?

Not necessarily! For some companies relocation just doesn’t make sense. Property can be expensive, hard to come by and you might not really be in the financial position to take a gamble on larger premises, also your current workplace might already be conveniently placed for staff and customers. So, how best can you optimise the space that you already have?

One of the most commonly wasted areas, which can be easily adapted and put to great use, is right above your head… If you have unused headroom you can take advantage of the space by installing a mezzanine floor.

Introducing a mezzanine floor can transform a vacant space into a productive area, allowing an organisation to expand within it’s existing premises, potentially doubling your area for a one off cost, without incurring additional business rates. They are versatile and, as long as the headroom is available, can be used for extra storage space, offices, meeting rooms or even breakout areas.

Although, it’s not only commercial offices that can benefit from a mezzanine, we are finding that education establishments are also taking advantage of what was once unused space…

Exciting learning environment and librarymezzanine floor, Manchester




Of course, the design and space planning of your mezzanine is critical, but that’s where we come in… After an initial detailed survey we can demonstrate how to maximise your existing space. We can then supply and install a custom made design to suit your exact needs and budget.

Ease your growing pains and transform your space at the same time… Contact us now for more information.

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