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Posted On: 13/03/2014 | In the Category: commercial washrooms, office refurbishment

According to a recent study by the Centre for Economic and Business Research, unhealthy working environments are costing UK businesses £100’s each year; with one of the high risk areas in the workplace being commercial washrooms!

At Whitespace we believe that the design is key to great looking, hygienic and functional commercial washrooms.

As part of our office refurbishment service, we can design, supply and install all of your requirements for commercial washrooms, this includes toilets, washbasins, cubicles, tiling, flooring, lighting and ventilation.

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke design or simply want to achieve a cleaner, fresher look, we are confident that we can deliver the perfect solution.

And with around 40% of office workers in the UK believing that improving office hygiene would not only protect them from unwanted sickness, it would also increase their level of job satisfaction, what are you waiting for?  Contact us now for an initial no-obligation consultation.

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