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Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder…

Posted On: 31/08/2015 | In the Category: Office furniture, Office interior design, office refurbishment

As the holiday tan starts to fade, research has revealed that many Brits are already thinking about making another escape – from their job! It is said that people often use their annual holiday to sit back and re-evaluate their lives and plan for the future, often prompting them to realise that it’s time for a change of scenery… and it doesn’t always mean that they are looking for more money!

Employee retention isn’t always financially driven, believe it or not the environment in which people work is just as important to them. Although, it’s not all about providing the latest equipment and comfortable office furniture …  Our studies show that the provision of natural light, ambient temperature, noise levels, room to move around freely and the option of privacy also feature highly on staffs ‘wish list’.

So, as a business owner, to get the best from your staff, it’s up to you to give them an environment that’s both inspiring and motivating.  The first challenge is to design a workplace that encourages people to actually want to be there.  Introducing a flexible layout, fit-for-purpose furniture, a space for employees to take a break away from their desks and hygienic washroom facilities, will almost certainly increase staff well-being.

The second is to understand that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.  At Whitespace, we appreciate that not every company can offer choice to employees, but all organisations should carefully consider what they can do to give employees the spaces and tools that enhance and support their workday tasks. The more comfortable and happy your staff, the more productive they’ll be.

Remember you don’t always have to dangle a financial carrot, refurbishing your workplace can also help stop staff itching to update their CV.

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