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Corporate office interiors

Corporate office interiors evolve

Corporate office interiors are evolving. Whitespace Consultants have over 20 years’ experience in the corporate office interior design arena and have developed a reputation for excelling in this field. Clients, both large and small, from a variety of different market sectors, are able to benefit from our experienced team of Consultants who can provide the ultimate in corporate office interiors.

Purchasing decisions may have over time, originated from a variety of sources. This can frequently lead to the office space becoming disjointed. We believe corporate office interiors need to flow and develop in accordance with the demands made on them. Stagnation and lack of planning can have a detrimental effect on the look of an office and more importantly on its operational efficiency.

As the number of employees grows within an office we often see new desks added ad hoc. Over time this can create a fragmented office with individuals and departments poorly located to carry out their duties effectively.

Technology is advancing; the working environment needs to adjust accordingly. If you want your office to be more productive evaluate your IT systems on a regular basis. If possible take full advantage of any applicable new technology and equipment. However the potential disruption to the flow and efficiency of the office can be detrimental if not planned for.

Effective cable management systems are essential and there is no need to compromise on design and efficiency. Whitespace Consultants will guide you through the pitfalls of cable management. There are a number of products on the market to suit budget and need. Cable trays under the desk top can hide a multitude of sins at relatively low cost for example.

Business office furniture not only has to look good, but has to cope practically with the demands made of it. We look at how a business operates and the effect current working practices have on furniture layout and style within the office providing solutions to suit individual needs. By evaluating the space fully, addressing business activity and introducing flexible furniture solutions we can address the business needs and as far as possible and future proof further change to ensure the corporate office interior design is not affected.

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